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       ●Through the registration of III medical reports.
       ●China-japan cooperation, anti-static integrate clean bench:BSW-1200H、BSW-1680H、BSW-1200V, they have been gained for the national patent,the 61 sets bench have been delivered to costomers.
       ●We've developed Japan air shower,cleaning equipment and the FLJ165、FLJ250 centrifugal fan which be used in the air shower room products of Japan, the fan has been gained the national patent.
       ●Clj-03A01 big semiconductor laser particle counter, which is only one in demestic market, has been gained provicial identification.
       ●The particle counter demarcation system (state grade project) has been developed by us with Shanghai-institute of measurement & testing technology.
       ●Whole country medical device conference will be held October 20th,2005 at Ningbo.
       ●New register currency website make you easy to inquire about the data of our company.(中國潔凈、CLEAN EQUIMENT、潔凈技術、光電設備、醫療潔凈設備、食品器械、凈化儀器、風淋設備)
       ●Baishen is fully committed to our customers,we will continue to work harder and promise to earn your business every day.We'd like to increase ten provical grade agents. Welcome to contact and hold talks.
       ●Baishen has ISO9001,CCC and CE qualifications.
       ●The particle counter: incandescent light source- helium- neon laser- semiconductor laser optical source. Its usage life from 500 to 30000h. We have broken through in the fields. These products are all synchronous with international technology and have been exported many countries.
      ● High starting point, international brand,
      The first set semiconductor laser dust particle counter in China
      the 1 st set big-flux semiconductor laser dust particle counter in China
      the 1st portable type semiconductor laser dust particle counter in China
      the 1st dust particle standard system in China (Country project)
      the 1st 23m/s air speed and three side blowing / supply to Japan market
      International synchronism, high performance, low noise, anti- static series purification equipment manufactures by batch (FFU-55db, workbench -58db).
      dust particle counter for "Shenzhou "Sichang satellite launching center is supplied by Baishen company
        ADD: 31 Qihong road, SIP Suzhou   TEL:051262522538
        ZIP:215006   FAX:051262522938
        WEB:http://www.aycfr.com   E-mail:clean@baishen.com
      Copyright (C) 2005

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