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      Profile of Baishen Technology

        China-Japan Cooperate, Suzhou Baishen Technology Co., Ltd. ( Suzhou Cleaning Tech. Research Institute, Suzhou Telecommunication Instrument Factory) had authorized firstly for highly technical enterprise by Jiangsu province, she has more than 100 technology employees. Mainly engaged in research & development purifying equipment, clean test instrument and specialized motor. The products sell to all over the world.  
      Top-grade technologists, excellent mechanics procession and earnest attitude after service make her get favorable reception from inland and oversea.
      Latest years, we've developed the series air shower cleaning equipments with SuZhou BOE CHATANI Electronics Co.,Ltd and SHOWA company of Japan, and SIMT particle counter inspecting stand ard system with Shanghai measuring and testing academe. We've developed successfully CLJ-03A Semiconductor Laser Particle Counter; CLJ-03B big flux semiconductor Laser Particle Counter. CLJ-03C Semiconductor Laser Particle Counter; Multipoint Environment Monitoring system, Non-cable ultra-clean vehicle and Biological Air Sampler, they are all synchronous with international technology, and only one in domestic market. Laser Particle Counter and Biological Air Sampler are the state grade new products.
      We have abtained the ISO9001 2000 quality management system certificate, 9001 2000 export inspecting certification.motorfanCCC certification.CE certification and registration certificate for medical device.
      Total area:44.5mu ( downtown :14.5mu,SIP:30mu)
      Construction space:20000sq.m.(downtown 12000sq.m. SIP:8000sq.m)

      Honor Column

      CE certificate

      Quality management system certificate

      CCC attestation certificate

      Registration certificate for medical device

      Jiangsu high-tech enterprise

      Production licence for medical device

      Patent certificate


      The state grade new product for JYQ Airborne Microbe Sampler

      The state grade new product for CLJ type Laser Particle Counter


      Factory General Picture
      SuZhou downtown area T&D building
      SIP production building
      Baishen company scene on exhibition
      General manager proceeds job discuss with travelling merchant,
      Foreign tradesman visit Baishen company after meeting,negotiation for product supply problem

      Production spot

      Balance calibration

      Production spot

      CNC Hydraulic pressbrakes

      CNC punching machine
      CNC Hydraulic shears
      Product line A
      Product line B
      Product line C
      Meter production workshop
      Test and check before leaving factory
      Baishen newest development's BSTY-V type electric experimentation platform passes product acceptance checking


        ADD: 31 Qihong road, SIP Suzhou   TEL:051262522538
        ZIP:215006   FAX:051262522938
        WEB:http://www.aycfr.com   E-mail:clean@baishen.com
      Copyright (C) 2005

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